Production of thermal stickers

Thermal gluing is a method of drawing drawings on a surface that can withstand short—term exposure to high temperature.
Thermal stickers are in demand in the production of various accessories – fashionable T-shirts, baseball caps, bags, backpacks, shoppers, etc., have been widely used for the production of advertising and symbolic materials.
• Abrasion resistance – reliable fixation of the image on the fabric, preservation of quality after numerous washes.
• Suitable for different types of fabrics – we provide a sample to test it on the material.
• Good extensibility, shape preservation, creating the illusion of direct printing on textiles.
• Easy to use and practical to wear.
• Application temperature: 130-155 degrees.
• Application duration: 10-15 seconds.
• Pressure: Medium.
• When applied, the fabric warms up.
• The image is placed on the fabric with the substrate facing up.
• Transfer of the application (stencil) is carried out using a thermal press / iron.
• The substrate is removed when it is warm or cooled.
Please note, if the glue does not melt, then you need to increase the temperature.
Product care:
Washing is carried out at a maximum temperature of 60 degrees, clothes are washed from the inside, without bleach and without aggressive cleaning agents. The first wash should be carried out no earlier than 24 hours after applying the sticker.
Dry cleaning and drum drying are not allowed
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