within 2-4 days
to any city in Russia
Our main principle is

free air delivery

In order to make delivery arrangements, we will need the following information
Surname, first name
and patronymic of the recipient
Provide the zip code
alongwith the address.
SMS notification
phone number
Russian Post
We dispatch orders via
You can always track the status of your order, including the expected delivery date.
Additionally, you will receive an SMS notification when your order is ready for pickup at the post office based on the zip code you provided during checkout.
First class parcel
AIR delivery
Tracking number
to the office
Courier delivery
To have your order delivered to your door, please provide the delivery address when placing your order. An EMS courier will handle the delivery. Please note that the default delivery location is the warehouse.
Courier delivery is always
50000 ₽
Our managers can provide clarification on the cost of the service.
free of charge
for orders over
Please note that courier delivery may add an extra day to the delivery time. This is because the courier may not always be able to deliver your order on the same day it was received.
The delivery time will depend on your distance from the nearest active civilian airport.
To receive a more precise delivery date, please provide us with your address.
in rolls
62 cm in length
and wrapped in paper
Packed in boxes
measuring 15 x 15 x 62 cm
The weight limit for a single parcel is 30 kg.
If the load exceeds this weight, it will be divided into multiple parcels.
In each parcel, we include:
1) a sample transfer of your logo, 2) order documents,
and 3) an envelope with stamps for sending back the signed documents.
Terms and Options
New customers are required to make a
Delay of payment or starting production without confirmation of payment
Convenient payment terms
allow for deferred payment
during the required period.
Payment in rubles
is accepted

to a settlement account

in a Russian bank

for clients
in neighbouring countries
For individuals residing in the Russian Federation
We accept payment by any available method except cash and transfers to an individual's card. Our company operates officially within the laws of the Russian Federation.
Legal entities and sole proprietorships
Payment will be made by invoice, which we will issue according to your details

Please note that payment processing time may vary depending on the payer's bank and the time of day the payment is made. Banks guarantee the transfer within 3 banking days.

You will receive closing documents, such as an invoice and delivery note, which will be stamped and signed.
    To expedite document transfer, we use EDI within the SBIS system.
    ID № 2BE649bd92c1cd649d7bd8bfe9976ffa657.
To individuals
QR code payment

Normally, payments are processed within 2-3 hours, but occasionally they may take longer. Each account is equipped with a QR code for mobile application payments.

QR code example
  • Payment will be made through the chat
    using the provided link
    When you place an order in the chat, the manager will send you a payment link. You can choose the payment method, bank, and type of payment from the options provided.

    The managers work through the Bitrix24 system, and the link will resemble this: https://markamarka.bitrix24.ru/~uPaza. You can verify that it is a genuine paid order.

    Clicking on the link will take you to the payment page, where the type of goods and quantity will be displayed. You can review the order details before making the payment.

    Upon receipt of payment into the settlement account, you will receive a cheque for the goods and services paid.
To pay overseas companies
To get in touch with us, please use the phone number provided in the website header or message us through the available messengers linked below.
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